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The Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Card is the first Credit Card in Sri Lanka with an all year round ‘Cash Back’ benefit. It’s the perfect Card that complements your lifestyle, allowing you to explore and try new things with the added advantage of being rewarded every time you use your Card.

That’s not all, you will also benefit from being with the Bank that offers you amazing deals and discounts with a large array of partners, making sure that you get your moneys’ worth and the freedom to live the life you aspire!

So whether it’s at the supermarket or a trip abroad, whether paying utility bills or shopping online you can use your Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Card and enjoy ‘Cash Back’ along with the ‘Real Deals’ which gives you the opportunity to save while you spend.

A Delightful Welcome

‘Cash Back’ of 5%

Start shopping right away, because now you get to enjoy a delightful 5% ‘Cash Back’ every month+ on goods and services purchased for the first 3 months. So get hold of your very own Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Card and start saving whilst you spend!

For a monthly spend of up to Rs. 100,000/-
 5% “Cash Back”

# You can earn up to a maximum ‘Cash Back’ of Rs. 5,000/ - per month.
+ Cardmember monthly statement.

How it works (During first 3 months+)

  • If you make purchases for Rs. 30,000/- in a month, the 'Cash Back’ earned is Rs. 1,500/- (Rs. 30,000/- x 5%)
  • If you make purchases for Rs. 100,000/- in a month, the 'Cash Back’ earned is Rs. 5,000/- (Rs. 100,000/- x 5%)

‘Cash Back’ is a direct benefit programme where a percentage of your spend is credited back to your Credit Card account. As a Cardmember you are entitled to a cash reward on a monthly basis, when you purchase goods and services using your Card. The main benefit of this is that Cardmembers are able to save on their daily expenses. This means the more you spend the more you save!

Does the Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Card offer the same benefits as regular Credit Cards?

Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Card works in the same way as regular Credit Cards with the ‘Cash Back’ acting as an extra incentive. You will be able to use your Card like any other Credit Card to make purchases.

With Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Card, you will always have the benefit of saving while you spend.

Calculation of ‘Cash Back'

Value of total purchases per month (Rs.) X Cash Back rate (%) = ‘Cash Back’
  • The value of total purchases will be rounded off to the nearest rupee before the above calculation is done. If the total purchases on your monthly statement is Rs. 29,999.50. ‘Cash Back’ will be calculated on Rs. 30,000/- (Rs. 29,999.50 rounded up to the nearest rupee) and the ‘Cash Back’ earned is Rs. 300/- (Rs. 30,000/- x 1% = Rs. 300/-).

  • The final ‘Cash Back’ amount for total purchases will be calculated as the exact digits in the first two decimal points. If the total purchases on your monthly statement is Rs. 29,999.40, ‘Cash Back’ will be calculated on Rs. 29,999/- (Rs. 29,999.40 is rounded down to the nearest rupee) and the ‘Cash Back’ earned is Rs.149.99 (Rs. 29,999/- x 0.5% = Rs. 149.99 exact digits down to the first two decimal points).

+ Cardmember monthly statement

Enjoy Life’s Pleasures Everyday

Everyday ‘Cash Back’ of up to 1%

You might wonder how your ‘Cash Back’ works from the 4th month+ onwards! It’s very simple, you will receive a ‘Cash Back’ of up to 1% every month based on the value of all goods and services purchased.

For a monthly spend of up to Rs. 29,999/-
 0.5% “Cash Back”


For a monthly spend of Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 100,000/-
1% “Cash Back”

# You can earn up to a maximum ‘Cash Back’ of Rs. 1,000/ - per month.

How it works (4th month+ onwards)

  • If you make purchases for Rs. 25,000/- in a month, the ‘Cash Back’ earned is Rs. 125/- (Rs. 25,000/- X 0.5%)
  • If you make purchases for Rs. 50,000/- in a month, the 'Cash Back’ earned is Rs. 500/- (Rs. 50,000/- x 1%)

+ Cardmember monthly statement

“Real Deals” Everyday

Now you can shop with no stop, because as a Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Cardmember you are entitled to an array of 'Real Deals' throughout the year at a range of retail shops varying from clothing, supermarket goods, electronics and even healthcare and thus, are made feel special all year round. You are even given amazing holiday and dining deals! This Card is certainly the Card to make sure you enjoy life, Everyday!

We'll Protect You Every Step of the Way

Travel Insurance

You deserve to have the perfect vacation; we will take care of your stress. That is why you are entitled to a free overseas travel protection cover of up to USD 50,000 with Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd whenever you travel.

You can enjoy the benefits of this FREE Travel Insurance cover not only by,

- Purchasing your return air ticket using your Card but also,
- By having a minimum usage of Rs.100,000/- during the preceding 12 months from the date of claim

Schedule of Benefits

Emergency Accident/ Medical Expenses/ Evacuation & Repatriation  50,000
Dental  250
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Common Carrier Only)  50,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment  50,000
Baggage Loss  1,000
Baggage Delay  250
Loss of Passport  250
Personal Liability  50,000
Hijacking  750
Trip Delay  500
Trip Cancellation  750

- Maximum duration per return trip 90 days
- Age limit between 6 months to 75 years
- Emergency Cash Advance by Allianz Global Assistance contact on +91-11 2 4 43 43 955

The Overseas Travel Insurance Cover extends to your family members,


If the family members are travelling with you

This Travel Insurance Cover is bound by the terms and conditions of Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd.

Please refer the Allianz Travel Policy and for more details.

Stay Informed Everyday

We will inform you of all your spends every time you use your Card. You have the option of receiving spending alerts on your registered mobile number through Sampath SMS Alerts. This service is provided free of charge and keeps you updated on transactions being processed by your Card, alerting you on any unauthorised transactions.

Send us a request to activate this facility on your Card

Share the joy of life with your loved ones

Let your immediate family members enjoy the prestige and convenience that your Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Card can provide. You have the choice of assigning a sub limit or a lower credit limit (within your credit limit) to your Supplementary Cardmembers.

Sit Back, Relax and Let Us Take Care of Your Bills 

We will set you free from the hassles of bill payments, because you are able to use our Card to pay utility, insurance and telephones bills with The Sampath Automated Bill Settlement (SABS). This facility lets you automate your bills and you will receive a consolidated summary off all bills charged in your monthly statement.

Bank with Ease

Now we are at your fingertips with Sampath Bank Vishwa, another digital innovation from us to you with the ability to check statements and transfer funds straight into your Credit Card account, from your computer or personal mobile device wherever you are in the world. Not only is this service convenient to use but also environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for hard copies of bills and statements.

For those of you who are constantly on the move with busy schedules, you could;

  • View your Credit Card outstanding balance
  • View the Card statement
  • Make requests and access the free eStatement facility via e-mail The eStatement facility offers you the option of downloading or saving your Card statements, thereby relieving you of the issues experienced with hard copy statements. This also allows you to follow up on your Card statements at anytime from anywhere in the world.
    To utilise this service, simply return the completed eStatement application form :
  • Via post to, The Manager, Card Centre, Sampath Bank PLC, No 110, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.
  • E-mail a scanned copy to e-statements@sampath.lk
  • Fax copy to +94 – 11 2 300 603
  • Hand over the form to any of our branches

To download eStatement Enrolment Form visit www.sampathcards.lk

American Express Selects®

As a Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Cardmember now you can enjoy a host of privileges with an exciting selection of year-round offers and savings. Discover an array of attractive benefits extending to travel, leisure, dining and shopping offers in key destinations worldwide.

For a list of privileges and benefits please visit http://offers.amexnetwork.com

Card Replacement is a Call Away

If your Card gets lost or stolen, replacing your Card is very simple. You only have to report it immediately to our 24 hour hotline on: +94- 11 2 300 604. You will not be liable for any unauthorised Card transactions except cash advances made after notification to the Sampath Card Centre. Immediate reporting of the loss or theft will enable you to get a Replacement Card speedily at no extra cost.

Pay with Ease

Because we know your time is precious, we give you many options to settle your Sampath Bank Everyday Credit Card.

  • Payments at Sampath Bank Branches
    You may make use of our wide network of over 224 branches to settle your Card outstanding by Cash or by cheque. What is more, Cheque Deposit machines are available at most of Sampath Bank branches for your convenience.

  • Standing Instructions from your Current / Savings Account
    We offer you the facility to authorise the Sampath Card Centre to recover your Card dues from your Sampath Current or Savings Account on the Credit Card Payment due date. You can give instructions to settle any percentage of your Card outstanding from the minimum payment of 5% (subject to a minimum of RS. 250/-) to 100% by giving standing instructions to debit your Sampath Bank account.

  • Post a cheque
    You can send us a cheque via post along with the Payment slip by sending your monthly Card statement addressed to The Manager Card Centre, Sampath Bank PLC, 110 , Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka. Your cheque has to be received by the bank on or before the payment due date. (Your Card account will be credited on realisation of funds.)

  • SET (ATM)
    Pay through Sampath Automated Teller Machines (ATM) by linking your Sampath accounts to your Credit Card account. If your Current or Savings account is linked to the Card account, you can use the Sampath Bank ATM to transfer funds to the Card account.

  • Internet Banking / Tele banking / Call Banking
    If you have a Savings or Current account at Sampath Bank you can settle your Card outstanding from the comfort of your home or office by registering for above facilities. Simply by using the internet, telephone or mobile, you can check your Card balance and make transfers to your Card account at your convenience.

  • Pay with ease using SLIPS.
    Pay through SLIPS transfer from any other bank In Sri Lanka.
Bank Code – 7278
Branch Code – 996
Account number – last 12 digits of Credit Card

Send your SLIPS payments, one (01) working day before your statement's due date.


SLIPS can be used by a Credit Cardmember who does not posses an account with Sampath Bank to pay their Credit Card bill. It can be done through the customer's respective bank accounts.

Note : All above mentioned details should be properly completed to facilitate an error free transfer.